Document published in Gallup Journey the free community magazine November 2009  

Stories from Kitchen’s Opera House in Gallup, New Mexico Roger M. Zimmerman, Ph. D., P.E.  


Roger M. Zimmerman, Ph. D., P.E. initially authored a book titled, Kitchen’s Opera House, Gallup, New Mexico. In an attempt to make activities from the facility more accessible to the Gallup community, stories from eighteen persons who knew the facility well have been formulated. A summary document was published in the Gallup Journey in November of 2009 and is reproduced here.  The original book and the stories from the individuals are included as links to this home page.  A second edition of Kitchen’s Opera House, Gallup, New Mexico is under preparation and will be published through Digital 1 Presentations.  Information about the second edition can be obtained at

The purpose of the new stories document is to personalize documentation of the history of Gallup as influenced by operations headquartered at Kitchen‘s Opera House facility. This facility brought people together to interact and in the end create stories and in many cases produce major historical developments in the community. In the first edition, three persons were singled out as being stimulators for most of the stories in the Opera House. Their visions, passions, talents, and energies significantly touched the hearts and souls of persons present at Opera House functions. They made things happen. They had lasting effects on the history of Gallup. The three story generators were identified in the book as: Peter Kitchen, Guido Zecca Sr., and Martha Roberts. Their contributions and/or influences are reflected in many of these stories. It is recognized that there are many more untold stories, but it is hoped that this collection from these persons with diverse backgrounds and interests will help citizens of Gallup better appreciate their rich multi-cultural heritage.  

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